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Citrus Mango shampoo & body bar is a great moisturizing shampoo bar with extra mango butter and a fresh citrus blend of essential oils.

Our shampoo bars are created to not only cleanse, but to nourish and soften your hair.

This listing is for a 4.5 - 5.0 ounce bar of soap.

To ensure the long life of your soap, store the bar in a cool place, out of direct sunlight until you’re ready to use it. In your shower, store the bar away from the direct water stream, and out of any standing water.

To get a good lather, swipe the soap bar across your wet hair a few times, lather, scrub as normal, then rinse.

Ingredients: saponified distilled water, coconut oil, palm oil (organic & sustainably harvested), castor oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, wheat germ oil, essential oils, mango butter


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These natural shampoo bars will not strip the natural oils from your hair, so you will not need the typical moisturizing conditioners that are used to replace the natural oils stripped by detergent based shampoos.

Everyone’s hair is different! Also, the way you shampoo and even the type of water you have can affect your hair. So, these variables may create a need for

To ensure the long life of your soap, store the bar in a cool place, out of direct sunlight until you’re ready to use it. In your shower, store the bar away from the direct water stream, and out of any standing water.


Whether you realize it or not, your liquid shampoo leaves a residue. You may have heard that it is a good idea to change shampoo brands regularly. This is what normally happens when you try a new shampoo, at first your hair feels funny, then you love it for a week or two, maybe a month but then your hair seems dull and lifeless again. The first week the new shampoo was stripping your hair of the old shampoo residue, then it begins to leave its own, the cycle starts all over again.

Please do not use a shampoo bar once or twice and decide you don't like it. You need to give the shampoo bars about a week to rid your hair of the old residues from your commercial shampoo. Because shampoo bars don’t strip hair the way detergent based shampoos do, you may notice your hair feeling different after shampooing than you may be accustomed. This is totally normal; you'll love how your hair feels after it dries. I use my shampoo bars on my long hair, it’s much softer than when I was using liquid shampoo and I never need conditioner.


Whether or not you need to use an apple cider vinegar rinse depends on a number of factors, your water may be hard, the length of your hair, your hair is going thru an adjustment period (usually due to the buildup of residue) or your hair may be damaged due to chemical treatment.


TESTIMONIALS for my Shampoo Bars

This is the first time using a shampoo bar and I'm pretty impressed. This scent is sooo amazing and my hair feels so much thicker after using this. Awesome seller. Quick shipping and great communication! Wonderful products :)

Gets your hair squeaky clean -- literally! Quick shipping; thanks!

My favorite shampoo bar from an seller yet! Leaves my hair clean, soft and shiny with no weird residue like others I've tried. Smells great too!

Love this!!! Love the way my hair feels after switching to homemade bar shampoo. I will never go back to store bought again!

Absolutely divine, your shampoo actually leaves my hair feeling great, the other bar shampoo's I have tried it takes weeks to get used to and leaves my hair rather oily. Love your moisturizer too, the texture and smells are wonderful

This bar smells fantastic and comes in a great size. This is my first experience with a shampoo bar so my hair still seems to be adjusting but already has more volume. The shipping was extremely fast as well! Thank you for the free charcoal 's lovely!



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